Monday, May 21, 2012

Good Smells

I like the smells of certain candles. 
I like to burn them during the holidays. 
I like the way they can freshen up the house when it's all closed up for the winter. 
 But I am very sensitive to smell, so I have a few favorites that I stick to.
These are a few of my favorites and a new one, I'm so excited about.

this is my favorite!

this is my Christmas scent,

and I cant wait to try this one.

What are your favorite smells and brand of candle?
Happy Monday to everyone!


Alica said...

I've never seen (or smelled) the riding mower scent. Sounds interesting!
I've become a fan of the soy candles...they burn so cleanly. My favorite scent is "lemon ice box cookies"

Amanda said...

That is at the top of my list - fresh mowed (mown?) grass in the summertime, although I'm not sure about a candle scent. Have to check it out next time I see Yankees! My favorite Yankee scent is Sage Citrus.