Thursday, November 17, 2011

We are still here...

I have to apologize to your Blogger family.  I have been away doing many things and so I have not blogged.  Last weekend we went to Louisville, Kentucky.  Our Little Man showed his heifer Lily at the North American.  He did very well. We were super excited and surprised.  I will share the results and what photos I have.  There are not many, because I was in the moment.  OOPS! 
Then Sunday was new show heifer work.  And many outside things that we wanted to get done.  On Monday Mr. M and I had a great day.  The vet came at 7:30 am to work the cows.  We pregnancy checked, tagged, deliced and vaccinated 25 cows/heifers.  Then we worked the 10 calves we had here.  Vaccinating, castrating, delicing and dehorning one.  We got everything done in under 2 hours.  And we were super happy about that.  Then Mr. M treated me to lunch and then back to get some show heifer and sale steer work done.  If I haven't said it before, I'm so glad he's back home to help me. 
And then I have been back at NAILE helping my friends at Cowpokes.  I just got home this evening.  So I will get back to blogging and sharing some of our life in photos with all of you.  I have been keeping up with everyone through facebook and blog.  Take care! 


Purposely at Home said...

haha love the pic! so glad your back safe. :) i hope you are able to get a little break.

The Coolidges said...

That is an awesome picture!! I've shot a few shows and it is always fun to get the close-ups of the animal's faces! (and the kids too) :)