Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our First Snow Day

Today was an awesome day!  Mr. M and I loaded the weanling's onto the trailer.  In the pouring rain!  Then off to town we went.  And then when we got home it was show calf work.  I truly think that we could have washed them outside it was raining so much.  Any way I have changed my clothes more times than I would care to mention today.  Then Mr. M was off to work.  And Little Man had a basketball game.  It will be his last game for this season.  He is having his right foot surgery next week.  Ugghh..  The best ending to the day.  The babes and I got done with chores in the barn, and they played in the fresh wet snow.  And it was after 7:00 and it was dark.  They were playing by the light of the security light.  It was the most precious thing to watch.  All bundled playing in the snow, dogs running around them, smiling and giggling! Totally awesome..  Happy Tuesday.

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Purposely at Home said...

awww man! i want some snow. ;D