Monday, November 28, 2011

Times A Flying By

It seems like instead of slowing down, time is speeding up.  It seemed like weeks ago till Thanksgivning.  Now we have gotten past that and are planning for Christmas and New Years.  We start the month of with a cattle show.  It's the first show of the new season.  And a little heartbreaking the youngest of our babes and the Dawson kids wil start showing.  She's super excited.  And we are excited too, it just seemed like yesterday it was just the big boys.  Now we have the four to fret and cheer on.  Then there's the birthdays.  The oldest nephew turns 17, the second oldest turns 15 and our baby girl turns 9.  So before we know it we will have two boys driving.  And then there's Christmas and New Years.
Thankfully I have taken lots of pictures to help freeze some of it.  And with all the yucky weather there's lot of cuddle time with the babes.  And with several show calves in the barn, there's lots of quality time in the barn.  That's my favorite time of day.  When we are rinsing, blowing and feeding the show calves.  Sometimes I just stop and look around me and soak it all in.  Have a wonderful and safe week ahead..

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Buttons said...

Oh these made me tear up I always cry when I see them grow up to. The photos are beautiful B