Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jungle Jims

Yesterday the MIL and SIL went on an adventure for the day.  We went to Jungle Jims near Cincinnati, Ohio.  We are planning Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and we wanted some inspiration.  So after the babes were off to school we met up and off we went.  If you have never been to this store I highly recommend it.  Go early, plan to stay late.  It is a full days adventure.  The  place is huge.  They have a map to help you navigate when you walk in the front doors.  And there is every kind fruit, vegetable, liquor, cheese and ethnicity there.  You can look it up on the Internet.  Or better yet just go! Here are a few pictures I took with my phone because my MIL said she wouldn't walk around with me if I took my camera! lol... Happy Wednesday to everyone.

a small portion of the meats department

i think these huge cheese wheels are neat looking.

and look whose cheese I found there too!

fun cheddar cheese

part of the humidor.

the expensive wines.


i wouldn't eat these but they are interesting.

duck heads and chicken feet are very popular.  not for me...

a full calf's head.

a full pigs head.

i love this label!

i almost got this just because of the label.

creme brulee is my favorite, but they didn't have a non-alcoholic version.

this just cracked me up!

so many desserts to choose from.  such torture.

my little miss may need these for her birthday party!


lowercase letters said...

oh wow! look at those calf and pig heads! those last few sweets look SO yummy! what a fun trip :)

Phill said...

Awesome Pictures!
Thanks for the compliments and for sharing!

Have Fun!
Phill Adams
Director of Development
Jungle Jim's International Market