Monday, November 21, 2011

North American Livestock Show

The last two weeks the North American has been going on.  It's in Louisville, Kentucky.  I went down the first weekend and worked two days.  Then our family went down for the following weekend so our Little Man and his heifer could show.  Then I went back for three more days to work.  Now the show is over.  And it was a great show.  We only showed in the junior show and not the open show.  We went with an open mind.  This is Little Mans second year showing cattle.  And he and Miss Lily have bonded and made a wonderful friendship.  They have done well this year.  So went to this large show just thinking that standing in the top 4 for the first time would be cool.  Well, they won their class and then came back and won their Division!  So exciting and surprising.  I did get a few photos, but I was caught up in the moment of watching and crying.  So not many pictures were taken.  What a wonderful ending to the show year.  Now Miss Lily is out to pasture.  She will calve in march around Little Mans birthday.  Then she will become a donor. 

Little Man playing with new tractors.

Poor girl getting weighed in front of everyone.

Showing the first round. Poor guy was the youngest and smallest kid in class.

He was chatting with her right before he was picked Division winner.

A friend took this for me. She had to take it from the side...but thats okay.


Buttons said...

Congrats to little man. He looks so cute Can I say that about a man? B

jhopes70 said...

Congrats such a nice post

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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

CONGRATS to Little man! How Exciting!
I would have been crying too! Lol

Sounds like a busy weekend, but fun. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The Coolidges said...

Sounds like you had a great show! Congrats!!