Thursday, November 3, 2011

the gobblers

We are officially into November.  Beans are harvested.  Corn is underway.  The colors around us are amazing.  It's awesome being outside and not being miserably hot. And with this time of year is the start of the holiday season.  Halloween is over.  We have a good amount of candy to much on for a while. I have been good and not eaten a thing.  Mr. M and the babes are making a good dent in it. The next big event is North American International Livestock Exposition.  It's the largest livestock show in the United States.  And then Thanksgiving.  We have been raising turkeys for several people.  We got them in May and they were only 3 days old.  So tiny that they fit in the palm of my hand.  They came to us in a box.   Now I can barely pick them up.  And they will all have to be put in the trailer to be taken to be butchered.  I love hearing them in the barn talking.  But their time is almost over.  They will sacrifice so that many people can have a wonderful meal with their families.  I hope you all have had a great Thursday!

the little buggars when we first go them.

this is just at a few weeks.

we have four toms.   they are beautiful when they strut.

and we have four white turkeys.. 3 hens and 1 tom

i think they are so interesting looking.

this is one of the hens.. they are much smaller than the toms.


Buttons said...

Oh I love the babies I always hated sending them to the butcher too but that is why we raise them. I do love a turkey sandwich and I do love a little chick strange business we are in. B

lowercase letters said...

there's a turkey farm right down the road from us. they have a pretty good sized operation, from what i can see from this side of the fence! :)
no candy?! how could you not?! ;P
hooray for thanksgiving approaching and lovely fall weather!

Purposely at Home said...

if only they knew what was coming....haha! turkeys have always intrigued me. they are one of God's more....interesting... creations. l)

Lyndi said...

I love your blog! Especially the pics of your kiddos showing...too cute! They reminded me of when I was little. I am glad we found each other blogspot; I am looking forward to seeing photos from the NAILE!

The Coolidges said...

so fun! i wish we could have poultry but my husband works for a turkey company and we can't have any type of poultry because of bio-security reason.

Hope you enjoy them. Farm raised is always so much better!

Jill aka Mommacita said...

I must say that my mouth is watering....your birds look delicious! Oh and wait till you see the turkey/chicken feed bag I have for you! I will hand deliver in Louisville!

dawsonfarms921 said...

Can't wait to season up & cook one of those dudes!!!! YUUUMMMM!