Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our First Family Cattle Sale.

This year Mr. M and his brother JD decided they had enough good show calves to have a family sale.  So they created Dawson Show Cattle.  I have decided that maybe going to a sale is way more fun then putting one on.  But we have learned a lot, made some great memories and met some really nice people. Here are the photos of the calves we are selling.  If you know anyone looking send them to the website.  hosted by Caldwell & Willoughby on September 9th.  Thank you!

Tag 1- Salty Dog Steer

Tag 2- Alias Steer

Tag 3- Monopoly Steer

Tag 4- Eye Candy Heifer

Tag 5- Jimmy The Greek Heifer

Tag 6- Monopoly Heifer

Tag 7- Salty Dog Heifer

Tag 8- Monopoly Heifer

Tag 9- Eye Candy Heifer

Tag 10- My Turn Heifer
 Happy hunting to everyone out looking for show cattle for the new season.  We hope everyone has safe travels.  And Good Luck in the upcoming show season.


Buttons said...

Wow nice looking cattle. We will be rounding up very soon and selling cattle. I never really like this time of year. I guess I am getting more sentimental in my senior years. Good luck on the sales. B

lowercase letters said...

good lookin' cattle! have a great labor day weekend.... AND today is first day of college football season! whoop whoop(: hope your team does well.