Thursday, September 22, 2011

My View

This is what I see when I look out my kitchen window.  This is the view I love.  I love seeing the heifers, grazing, running and napping in the sun.  I love seeing Hank watching the cows.  I know he's wishing that he could chase them.  But he's 12 now.  He is retired.  I love the view from my window.  This is where I start my day and sometimes end my day.  This is where I think as I watch.  This is calming to me.  What's your view look like?
 Happy Thursday To All of YOU!


Rachel said...

Love it, girl! It's perfect!
We don't have cattle in the pasture around the house, just the horses, but they are a nice veiw, too. :)

Buttons said...

I LOVE the view from your window too. I love to start my day with the view from mine also. No mater how my day goes I know my view will be right there waiting for me when I get back. B

lowercase letters said...

love this view! it looks kinda like my view except there's horses and a cat instead of cows and a dog! :D (but i wish there was some of that mixed in there too!)