Monday, August 29, 2011

Manic Mondays

It's amazing how fast Monday rolls around.  The week rolls by slowly and the weekend goes by too fast.  This past 4 days have been a flurry of busy here.  We videoed and photographed sale calves for the upcoming sale on September 9th.  We had visitors to see the calves over the weekend.  And there was the normal chores and jobs to do in between.  Yesterday we got going bright and early and brought home a new addition.  Lily (Little Mans show heifer) was reunited with her momma.  We worked out a purchase for her while we were in Sedalia.  But we had to wait for her to wean before we could bring her home.  She will calve in the spring then we will flush her before re breeding her.  She does have a great head of hair going on and I will get photos to share.  Her registered name is Bertha, but I have renamed her Buckwheat!  Lily's name was also Bertha, but we renamed her Lily.  When you see the photos you will understand.  Lily was put out to pasture to be a cow for the next few weeks.  And that stressed me a little.  But she loves the heifers and was playing like the new kid on the playground.  We will bring her back in soon to start getting her ready for North American International Livestock Exposition in Kentucky.  The week ahead is busy and supposedly going to be wet.  So I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful week.  Happy Monday!


Buttons said...

Monday are very busy indeed. B

lowercase letters said...

i got a blog! ((: i'm marli's sister, btw! lol. can't wait to keep reading yours!!