Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bad Hair Days

This cow looks how I feel sometimes.  Covered in sh**, hair all a mess and thinking what's next!  We are done with our family sale.  Soccer has started.  Mr. M is busy with work.  There's calves to wean.  Show calves and sale calves to start.  We are going to different sales looking for new show calves for the kids.  There's outside projects to get done.  And the holidays will be here before I'm ready for them.  But I sure do like the business of it all.  I would be bored if I wasn't running around.  We are very blessed.  And when things get hard I remind myself of how lucky we are.  Have a great, safe weekend!


Leontien said...

Haha ME TOO!!!

Great picture!!!

thanks for sharing and i hope you have a good week

Buttons said...

Yup the life of a farmer is never boring is it.LOL Winter is coming maybe I will get some snow days. Just kidding that makes more work. B