Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tribute To Troy..

Today Troy Williams was laid to rest.  Troy is the grandfather to my SIL Miss M and great-grandfather to our beautiful niece and nephew. Troy was a very kind and gentle man.  I myself only got to meet him once.  But it only took once to have a great respect for him.  He was such a calm and peaceful man.  He loved his family and had a very good and special love for God.  So here are a few photos I wanted to share.  My Little Miss took all but one. 

Cancer is a thing that has been touching so many lives.  My heart breaks sometimes for the people that I know who have had it, known someone who has it or like me who has lost someone.  There is no rhyme or reason as to why, what or who is affected by it.  All you need to do is cherish each moment with the ones you love.  Take it all in.  Love them strongly.  And take the time to  capture it.  Martina McBride has the best song to describe it.."I Will Love You Through It"  I send hugs out to everyone and tell those close to you how you feel.  God Bless You!

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Buttons said...

Well this post makes me sad I am sorry about this lovely kind man. Cancer sucks I am so sick of hearing, and seeing what it is doing to the people we love. I have gone through this with my family for what seems like forever. I am getting very tired of dealing with the pain of watching others go through it. It is horrible I wish they could stop it soon.
Leontien you know who I mean a young vibrant women now in the fight for her life it makes me so sad. Little Miss is a great photographer.
Thank you for your kind comment, I would love to meet you someday too. I should really get a passport shouldn't I.
Take care B