Tuesday, May 10, 2011

not very exciting here

Things were pretty dull around here today.  It was a really nice day finally.  No rain and the sun was shining, so I got the yard mowed and piddled a lot today.  I walked around looking at some ideas for another row of flowers against the house.  I have misgivings about this because this fall we will hopefully be putting the final new windows in the house and the new siding should go up.  But the urge to move some lillies and hostas is stronge.  We shall see.
  Today was lamb weigh-in for our county.  Mr. M and Little Man took his two wethers in.  Little Man was pretty excited about it, but he is super excited that today was his last day wearing his surgical boot.  So he's testing out the new toes.  I watch him hoping he doesn't hurt himself and I'm worried sick about school tomorrow.  I'm afraid of him getting stepped on.
 Little Miss is doing a diaroma on manatees for school.  So I stayed home with her and we finished that up.  We jammed to Hannah Montana and sang and laughed.  She's so cute with that little dimple on her nose.  These are the last few weeks of school.  So we are in the final stretch of the school rush.  And 4-H projects are getting planned, animals are getting close to being ready for our fair.
So bring on summer! We are ready for planting, getting in the new hay field.  I can't wait for some of the things we have planned for the summer.  So I hope everyone has a great week ahead! Happy Tuesday...

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