Friday, May 6, 2011


The sun is shining! Oh how I have missed the sunshine.  I love it's warmth on my face.  And people are much nicer when the sun is shining.  Today I got to talk to a friend whom I have missed.  Her smile is so contagious, it just makes you smile no matter what kind of mood your in.  She became a first time momma a few months ago and I took her babes photos.  He's so squishy and cute! So anyway, we are gonna move the laying hens from their winter home in the barn to the great outside.  And in two weeks the meat chickens and turkeys will graduate to bigger cages.  And then at the end of the month our new laying hens will arrive.  So needless to say we have lots of feathered critters right now.  Oh and there's 2 ducks!  Then tomorrow I get to take a little girls 1 month pictures.  And the Kentucky Derby is on!  I love horse racing.. And I would love to go just once to the Kentucky Derby.  Then Sunday is Mother's Day!  So a wonderful full weekend ahead.  I hope everyone has had a productive week.  And that they have a great weekend.

Lilacs from our Lilac bush.. I wish you could smell them.....


Sarah said...

Maybe you and Mel should get together for a Derby party!!!;0) Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you!!

Sisters in the Country said...

I love the sun on my face... And buds that make me smile too! So glad your day was happy! Have a great mothers day night!
Mem the budd