Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

I didn't get to blog yesterday... I spent the day chasing rainbows!  And then yesterday we had horrible storms.  We had hail damage, high winds and two scared babies...  But we are lucky that the damage was minimal and we are all okay.  I wish for this weather to calm down.  People are losing sooo much.  We haven't even gotten into the fields because of all the ground being so wet!  We have no new hay field, no corn in, and no beans in. It's all sitting in the barn with moth balls under it so the mice will stay out of it.  So we will keep our fingers crossed and hopefully the rain will come to an end sooner than later.  Here's a few picts of what the hail did.. Have a great day!

our new gutters got torn off and this is some of the hail

our poor hostas didn't fair very well

some of the holes in our siding, I'm glad the new stuff wasn't on yet.

our torn screen

one of the windows during the storm

the grain cart ended up hugging the bin, the wind was so strong.

the gauge shows 2 inches, but i think there was more than that!

Duff love all the high wind, he's always hot...

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Rachel said...

Gald it rained for ya!
We got a dusting, and high winds, which didn't do us much good. :/