Friday, January 11, 2013

Back to a routine....

I have been busy, much to our children's distress.
I have OCD and tidiness and organization makes me very happy.
I have went room by room lately and started decluttering.
And I try and not bother the kids rooms, but ugghhh.
I just couldn't take it anymore.
So I have spent the last 3 days moving furniture and organizing their rooms.
Sigh, now I can go in there without cringing.

Duff is trying to make friends with a few of the cats that still don't like him.

The snow is almost all melted, but then it refreezes.
Which makes for a nice skating rink on my walk to the barn.

It's unusually warm here for the next few days.
And the poor cows are so hot.  They are haired up for winter not 60 degrees.
And then its supposed to drop back to the 30 in a few days.
I hope that everyone can stay healthy with all of these dramatic changes in weather.
Have a wonderful weekend with your families and friends.
We have a full weekend planned and I will have all my people home!


Buttons said...

Hope today gives you lots of beautiful photos and be careful on that ice. Hug B

Alica said...

Why is it that our kids get so distressed when we moms declutter?! Mine don't like it either. It's so hard to walk past their rooms without going in and "fixing" them! But now that they're teenagers, I have had to lay off a bit. I still don't like it, but...

Have a nice weekend!