Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Weekend....

I'm not sure what to think of the crazy weather.
It's January and it's in the 50's. 
We are preparing for a heavy rain that is headed our way.
Now if it is this warm say the middle of February, I won't mind.
I would love to let the cows out in the maternity pasture and calve out in the sun.
I worry lots when it's cold and snowy when calving starts.
Poor babies tend to get chilled, get sick or get frostbite.
And the other side is with all this rain, calves are more acceptable to infections and cold.
I hope that everyone that has started calving is having a good go of it.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Buttons said...

Oh I hear you we are almost done. We have 25 live and unfortunately we lost a couple, not weather related. Hope all goes well for you. Hugs B

Alica said...

This weather is crazy! I'm glad to not be thawing water pipes, but the respiratory illness gets passed from animal to animal so quickly in this weather!