Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter IS coming....

I know the weather is unusually warm for Indiana. 
 But as you all know that can change in a blink of an eye. 
 And the fact that it is December and in the middle to high 40's is just crazy. 

All the beautiful fall colors have gone.
  We have brown, dead looking grass and woods now.
And I was so looking forward to a beautiful white winter.

Instead we have been getting rain on and off.
And with the drought this past summer that isn't an all bad thing.
But I'm over the puddles, dirty clothes and the poor cows being muddy and wet.
Not to mention what it is doing to our hay stash.

So bring on the fluffy white stuff!
We are starting to get things ready for it.
Because it is Indiana and who knows what could happen overnight.
We love that it's fun to play in the snow, and it makes it feel like Christmas.
Not to mention we need to get rid of some the bugs, mold and other junk hibernating in the ground.
I know you think I'm crazy, but I truly like some snow here and there.
Plus our Baby Girl has a birthday this month and she would like snow for her birthday.
Have a great day!

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Buttons said...

I am all for snow for her birthday what a great present lots of snow to play in. Yes snow will make the drought go away as of yet we only have mud too. I am OK with it for the same reason but snow is prettier and beneficial.
Love all the images. Hug B