Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hoosier Beef Congress 2012....

this is part of the isle we were stalled in.
it's very packed with cattle, equipment and people.

theres always lots of blow drying.

turbo fans keep our girls cool.
they have hide and lotsof hair so this keeps them from getting hot.

the walk from the barn to the show ring.

the kids judge with the high school kids while at the show.

i propped my feet up for a bit. 

Little Man and DCCO Cabela.
2nd place in a commercial class, not too shabby for a simmy.

LittleMiss and DCCO Petra.
She was last in class because she is very maternal.

We had a lot of fun.
 This is our first show of the new show season.
And the last show of the year.
The kids are excited about the rest of the season now that the kinks are worked out.
Happy Week ahead to everyone!


Buttons said...

Congratulations to little Man and little Miss they did well just by being there it is a lot of owrk and nerve I could not do it. Love the leg shots:) Hug B

Nancy Claeys said...

Such beautiful animals. I love seeing them all groomed and show-ready. :)