Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy 10 Little Miss....

Today our Baby Girl turns 10!
She has reached the double digits.
10 yrs ago Mr. M and I got up around 4 am and he went to work and my FIL picked me up.
I know your thinking, what he went to work!  Yes, we knew that it would be a little before her arrival.
So he went to work to feed the animals then came to the hospital.
My momma and SIL Melissa met us at the hospital.
The nurses got me all comfy and started the drugs for inducing labor around 6 am.
Then Mr. M and both our families welcomed a beautiful blond haired, blue eyed, 8lb baby girl around 4.
The fun part is that she is the first girl in umpteen years in the family.

she is super silly!
and she makes us all laugh, a lot....

she has her own sense of style.
which i love about her....

she love to tinker.
and has a wonderful imagination.

she is very outgoing and not afraid to try new things.

Our beautiful baby girl, the light of our lives.

Happy Birthday Little Miss!
You make us very proud to call you our girl.
May you always blaze your own path.
Be fiercely strong in you opinions and beliefs.
And we pray that all your dreams come true.

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