Friday, December 7, 2012

Real beef cattle dishes....

I have taken several photos of friends lately.
But I can't share because they need to share first.
I have several things that have happened over the summer that i need to  post about.
So I will start doing that soon to catch you all up.
But for now I will share something I can.
I have been searching for dishes.
I wanted what I wanted and it has been a long search.
But now they are ordered and I cant wait to use them.

the new dishes!
i just love that they are regular cattle.
not cartoons or dairy.
we are beef people!

cute juice glasses.

this pattern is from a retired set.
and this pattern is what started my new search.
but i love the design so i ordered them.

i havent ordered these yet.
i am still on the fence about them.

this platter is awesome.
i may not use it much.

and the serving bowl.

and lastly the spoon rest...

I know it seems silly to be so excited about dishes.
But I have looked for almost a year to find the ones I like.
Usually they are cartoon cows or dairy cows.
These grabbed me because they are real beef cattle!
I did decide I wouldn't get them till I sold all of my Henn dishes that I had.
I sold them yesterday and it will pay for these beauties!
Thank you to everyone who loved the Henn and helped me get the dishes I have wanted for so long!

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Buttons said...

Oh I love these real beef cattle I was getting tired of black and white if you know what I mean. These are awesome. I am so happy for you. Take care hug B