Thursday, February 9, 2012

Two mommies are better than one..

Usually, mommas don't have an issue of having enough milk for their babies.  But sometimes things happen.  A momma doesn't take to her baby.  She just doesn't have enough milk.  Sometimes the cows don't survive a delivery.  There are many things that can alter the natural course of how the babies get fed.

Enter the enormous bottle full of warm milk, and two kids who fight about who gets to feed Stinker!  His momma is a first time momma and she just wasn't getting him what he needed.  We gave her a shot to help stimulate her hormones to make more milk.  Then we started giving him a supplement bottle once a day.  That way  he nurses off his momma the rest of the time.  This way he's getting what he needs. And she is still bonding and raising him.  One bottle is 3 pints of milk re placer.  You can get this from your local feed store.  Last night he didn't drink all of his bottle. So we are going to start weaning him off of it.  We think he is finally getting what he needs from momma.  Yay!

Happy Thursday!


memory said...

Your kids are SO cute :) Love the pictures of the cows too! Have a great weekend.


The Coolidges said...

Your bottle baby is bigger than mine :)

Did he come all the way off yet?