Monday, February 27, 2012


This is what I feel like doing a lot lately!  I feel like we are running in circles sometimes.  Normally, we get a nice snowy, cold winter to  regroup.  Not this year.  So there are lots of things that the weather is allowing to get done early and somethings that have to be put off because the ground is too soft.  It's a catch 22.

Calving has gone very smoothly so far.  The calves are growing by leaps and bounds.  We are still like several people this year and are heavy with bulls.  But I take that as a positive.  That means new replacement heifers or maybe a few new bred cows that could be added to the herd.  Now that we are heading into March we are planning so many things.  We starting to think about what we will be re breeding the cows to.  Ground needs to worked, fence to put up, manure to haul and so many other things.  And with the busy time here, means that Mr. M will start his busy time at work also.  Oh and our Little Man turns 11 and we celebrate 13 yrs of marriage.  Deep breathe, we can do this.

With all that's happening at the farm, the babes are just as busy.  I always thought they would be out of elementary school before they got too busy with extra things.  Not so much.  Little Man is in 5th grade and he has Spell Bowl, Math Bowl, Volleyball, Livestock Judging every Monday/Saturday.  Then Little Miss is doing Livestock Judging too.  So they stay busy and active.  I'm not complaining, I just thought it would be another year or two.  But they love every minute and until they tell us otherwise we are going with it.

I'm so glad that I am able to pick up the slack here.  I am able to take the babes to school everyday, go on field trips and be there for all of their extra activities.  One day maybe I will work off the farm, but for now I am here for them, all 3 of them.  The babes are only little once.  And I enjoy being here doing what I can to  help Mr. M.  I'm okay with not leaving for days or even talking to most people.  So even though we are having early mornings, late nights and little down time.  It's all good.

 It's our crazy life full of kids, cattle and lots of manure....


Alica said...

Lots of manure...I had to smile at that one! :) It's that time of year, isn't it?! Jim just now was talking about spreading manure on the fields that he wants to chisel and see alfalfa in a few short weeks!

The Coolidges said...

Sounds about right. Busy busy busy. I feel ya!

Crystal Cattle said...

I like that outlook of getting to add cows to the herd. When we preg tested we also ultra-sounded and we are supposed to be getting lots of bulls as well. Maybe that will mean heifer shopping this fall, or maybe the vet will be wrong!

Buttons said...

Wow a very busy March. Happy Anniversary. Little mans birthday awesome, my birthday is in March also.
Enjoy all the business. B