Wednesday, February 22, 2012


this is the "I swear I didn't do it look"

Hi! Remember me?  I have not been blogging much this past week.  But I have been following along with everyone.  Our Internet/phone have not been working properly.  It's been a nice break.  But I do miss sharing all the things that have been happening.

We only have 6 cows left to calve... Then it will time to start re breeding.  The calves are growing nicely.  The most wonderful thing is watching their humorous play, and how stressed those mommas get.  I know the feeling so well.  The babes had their first all day judging contest last Saturday.  Mr. M dropped them off at 5 am at the Ag building and then we picked them up around 7:30 pm that night.  They had a great time and Little Miss is enjoying it.

The babes just had a 4 day weekend.  They judged, got some sleep, lots of running around outside time and we got some barn chores done.  Then on their last day I took them to the Boat, Sport and Travel Show.  They got to see a 17 yr old bear and 4 1/2 wk old cub.  We watched a DNR demo.  And of course saw lots of other great things.

But the best part of the last couple of days is that Little Mans heifer from last year is now a momma!  She had a heifer calf on Monday.  We are so excited.  So I have lots of photos from our brief break of what we were up too and I also have a few recipes for my monthly recipe blog.  But we also have some more cattle posts to help those understand the way things on a beef cattle farm work sometimes!

Have a Great Day!

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