Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shopping With Mr. M

Mr. M is not a shopper.  And I'm not unless it's something I think one of us needs or I have cabin fever and need adult conversation.  In the 12 years we have been together Mr. M has shopped with me for Christmas once.  We we first got married, because he was madly in love! hahaha  And the second time was in 2002 because I was 9 months pregnant with Little Miss.  She arrived the day after Christmas...  And then today.  He is working nights, so he is home during the day.  And this year is the latest I've ever shopped.  It's just crazy busy around here.  With back to back cattle shows, Little Mans surgery, FIL getting injured, work schedules getting changed and everything in the middle.  And honestly, it just doesn't feel like December with the warm weather, no snow and it seems like time is flying by.  So thanks to my OCD and Mr. M's help we have all the shopping done except for 3 people.. And I will work on that, decorating and baking this week.  Aaaahhhh.  The marathon of life... Have a great week everyone!

my momma bought us this the first year we lived here..i love,love,love it!


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

I can't seem to get in the mood either. I'm kind of Bah Humbug right now. Hardly have much shopping done, tired of wondering what to get people, lack of time to work on projects I want to give etc.......

Love the ornament, so neat!

The Coolidges said...

Oh I am loving that ornament!! Adorable!

Jent said...

"Santa" is luckily finished! I still need to get for my SIL and neices! and Chris has only been Christmas shopping with me less than a handful of times in 20 years and only went to get a Christmas tree with me once in 20 years - so you are not alone - maybe we should go together some year! ENJOY!

lowercase letters said...

i love the bless this farm ornament. and my daddy doesn't go shopping either, unless momma really wants him to.(: he hates walmart...he can't stand going in there, ha!
sorry i've been kinda MIA on your blog lately, i've missed reading.(:
p.s. i really appreciate your comment on my "words alive" post! your encouragement is what drives me on, thank you.

Buttons said...

My Hero does not know what the inside of a mall looks like LOL. That is OK with me. I love the Christmas bulb.
We did not buy too many presents this year, as you know sometimes things on the farm get a little tight. My girls will be home for five days and I cannot wait.
My Hero and the girls ordered a new laptop for me for Christmas. It was delivered to the door. Guess what I am on right now? I could not wait. My old computer was 10 years old. They knew I would not wait they are all laughing. They are the greatest.
I am going to bake today if I can tear myself away from this new toy. B

Farmchick said...

I LOVE the you know where it was purchased? I must have some!! :) Stop by my farm and say hi.