Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Thoughts

Your happiness is what you make it.  And you are the only one can make you happy.  You need to find what makes you happy and grab onto it.  Everyone is so worried about making everyone around them happy, but if you are not happy no one around you will be either.  I have stopped trying to make everyone happy.  The only people that I worry about every day are me, Mr. M, the babes and a select friends and family.  And I don't have to work at making them happy.  They take me the way I am.  So stop worrying about everyone else and think about the important things.

Some of my happiness:
Mr. M and our babes.
Our Farm
Our Cattle
My niece and nephews
All of our pups
The fresh smell of hay
The feel of rain on my face
My favorite pair of jeans
Flip Flops
Sand between my toes
And knowing that one day I will be in heaven with my mom.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Okay, first, love the photo. Love the shadows/head peeking out.
Second, love your list and your thoughts here. Right on!