Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tennessee - Part 2

While we were in the southern states it was sooo relaxing.  It's like everything slowed down, people were not in a hurry.  Even time seemed to slow down.  My SIL's grandpa is battling cancer and is in his 80s.  He is so courageous.  He has great humor, a smile on his face and a love for family.  We truly enjoyed our time there and the peace of mind.  So while her grandpa would rest we would take all the babes out for mini adventures.  And on Monday when we came home we decided to break-up the drive with a surprise for the babes.  Enjoy!  Happy Tuesday..

All the babes on a giant turtle.

The entrance to the cave we went to.

This is how low the ceiling was to get in.. And we are in a small boat!

My SIL and Miss K.. the babes had to wear life vests.  The water was 4ft deep.

It takes this many eggs to feed us all breakfast... the kids wanted this picture!


Buttons said...

Your trip sounds fabulous. I have been reading more of your posts your summer is busy as mine is. I am sorry about you Father in law that is a tough one.
I hope to return to reading more posts when things slow down here on the farm I know you understand that one. Take care B congrats on Junior show.

Buttons said...

I am sorry I meant your great father in law. B

Purposely at Home said...

What fun! Whoa, I think I would have been claustraphobic on that boat ride. ;) Enjoying all the pics....