Wednesday, February 23, 2011

whats great about chickens!

Chickens rock! Some people dont like them. But they have sooo many great things about them. I love hearing our rooster crow. And how he makes a funny noise when he finds something he wants the to eat. And they eat bugs. They lay these beautiful brown eggs, that I cook in so many ways. And I use the manure on the garden and makes our veggies grown great. And when they get too old we butcher them for the freezer. So in April we we be getting chicks. We are getting laying chicks to replace some of our old hens. And some we will sale. And we are getting meat chicks. To feed out and eat. And we are getting turkeys again! I love all the chatter they make and they are soo pretty. So if you need eggs, new layers, fryers or turkey let me know.

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