Monday, February 7, 2011

Proud Parents

So last month we had our second show of the season. First one is the first weekend of december. Anyway, Garrett and Lily did awesome!
Ring A: Champion Purebred Simmental Heifer
Ring B: Res. Champion Purebred Simmental Heifer
And last week the pictures came. And then next month his photo will be in the ShowCircuit. Which is a monthly cattle magazine that we get. It is as thick as a bible and treated as one around here. You dont throw them away.
We have a show this saturday, so our boy is excited. I just had to share. Our little 60lb boy leads that 1000lb heifer like she's a dog. And the cutest thing is when he whispers sweet nothings in her ear when he shows her. She just loves it!

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