Sunday, February 27, 2011


Sweet Laurn X Eye Candy - Heifer
Shockin Dream X Trademark - Bull

Big butts are a good thing in the cattle business.

Just right X Alias - Bull

Babies have been coming at our farm and many farms in the US.. Calving season is a mixture of things for us at the farm. Excitement, fear, joy, anticipation and sometime disappointment.
We a.i. our cows once, sometimes twice and then they are turned out with a bull. That way if they dont "stick" (concieve) the bull will breed them. Then 4 months later the vet comes out and palpates everyone, gives shots and delices. Then we can plan on when we will have our little bundles. We are like excited, expected parents waiting for 9 months.
Then when we know the date is close. We monitor the cows closely. They are moved to other pastures. And pens are set up. They have physical signs just like any woman. And we check them a LOT. We check their udders for fullness. Their vaginal area for swelling and dialation. And for the slim. These are all signs of oncoming labor.
Sometimes the babies come without help. And sometimes we have to assist. We have o.b. chains, lube, gloves and all the hardware a regular dr would have.
So even though our babies are 10 and 8. Each spring we experience the excitement, fear, happiness and sometimes diappointment that human parents expirence all the time.

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