Friday, February 11, 2011


Things had been what is slow for around here. But all of that is starting to change.

The weather is supposed to warm up over the weekend and continue through the week. Which is wonderful to most. I'm not very excited about all the mud that is gonna make. We have 6 calves due in the next 2 wks. And its hard on mommas and babies. And tractors. And us. And lets just say im not excited.

I can't believe that January is gone, February almost half over. The month of March brings many things.
-Our son turns 10! (ouch, he cant be that old allready...hes my baby!)
-Our anniversary is this month. (not doin anything bcause of calving)
-We have 4 cattle shows.. (not sure how many i will get too)
-Equiment to get ready for the following month

So although ive enjoyed the quiet. I love the busy life we lead!

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Sarah said...

I am not ready for the mud either....for different reasons. We have white carpet and a farm dog that comes in the house. Not a good combo! Read your comment on my blog from yesterday. Mahlia is the first girl in 63 years. That is incredible!!