Monday, May 13, 2013

I have a surprise!

At the end of Mach my very good friend Dave Vansickle of Vansickle Cattle Co. tagged me in a attachment on Facebook.  Later he texted me and ask if I saw it.  I said I had and he asked if I was going to do it.  Well here is what the attachment said:

Apply to become one of our Livestock Promotions Network Photographers. We provide training, so all skill levels are encouraged to apply. Deadline is April 20. Check out today's blog post to learn more.

So I read it and later I talked to the Mister.  He said go for it.  And I thought what the heck why not.  I love cattle, I love taking pictures and I love talking to people.  So I filled out the questions on the application.  Then i picked out my pictures that they asked for, for examples. Off the application went.  Then i went to Texas for five days for a Ranch House Designs clinic.  And I highly recommend if you want to learn, have fun and promote your farm/ranch/cattle it is great!  So anyway I forgot about it for a bit.  Then I got home and didn't hear anything..  No biggie I tried that's all I can do.

Well, a little over a week ago I opened my email and I saw one from Livestock Promotions, Inc.  So i opened it and it says "Welcome To The Livestock Promotions Family"!  Say what... so i read it again.  Yep that's what is said.  So in my excitement I called the Mister.  He was in a meeting so I told him to call me pronto.  It was true.  Out of several applicants they picked four and i was one of the four!

I am completely excited about this adventure.  I get to do something i love to do.  Take pictures, take pictures of cattle, meet new people and do a little traveling.  My family and my friends have been so wonderfully supportive.  I cannot believe that all the things that i have been through in the last 2 years has led to something so wonderful.  I will be doing what a love at a job that i know that i will love!

So to those of  you that have a goal or a dream.  Don't give up just keeping working, praying and doing what you love to do.  Because all good things come to those wait and have a great support team!


Buttons said...

Oh I am so happy for you I knew you were an awesome photographer and I am as excited as you are. YEAH for you go get them girl you are going to do great. HUGS B

Alica said...

What an honor! :)