Friday, May 10, 2013

Farm kids are no fools....

I want to share with you a story that my son came home with from school.
I would like to say first and foremost that I am not making fun of anyone.
I am repeating the story from our 12 year old son.

So as always I ask the babes how their day at school was.
The Little Mister just looks and me and shakes his head.
I'm like okay what happened.
Today two older ladies came to school today to talk to us about farming.
They were talking about calves.  I'm not sure what kind of cows they are raising, but they don't know much.
So I ask why he would say that.

Well, they said they don't give their calves any shots till after they are a month old.
He proceeds to tell me that he thinks they must have a lot of sick cows, because everyone knows you have to give newborn calves shots to keep them healthy and from getting cocidiouses.
Plus we spray our calves navels to keep them from getting infected.

Then mom they tell us that when you tag them you need 3 people.
He says, well that's just stupid!
My mom tags them by herself all the time. 

Mom then they tell us how all cows are mean and you should not bother them when they calve.
Well mom how do they think your gonna help if you don't bother them.
Silly ladies don't they know that if you have a mean cow, you take her to Producers because you just don't keep mean cows.  Especially when your mom does it by herself when dads at work.

The Little Mister just shook his head.
Mom they should have had you come to school.
You know way more about cows than those ladies.
You could probably tell them how to pull them and breed them too.
Who knows what they do about that!

Oh I love that boy....
Yes he's 12.
Yes they know how to breed them, feed them and care for them.
Sorry silly ladies you are not fooling my babes..


Buttons said...

There are watchers and their are doers. You are a doer and your Little Mister knows that. HUG B

Ashley N. said...

That was so cute! I enjoy following your blog :)

Purposely at Home said...

hahaha! this was absolutely adorable. :) i hope y'all are doing well.

happy mother's day tomorrow to you!