Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Miss Lily....

Lily is a one of a kind.
She was our Little Misters show heifer 2010-11.
She was shown at state and national levels and won many times.
She is more like a pet than one of our cows.
She's the one who comes to you and still likes to be pet and brushed.
She's a momma for the second time around.
She did a bang up job with this babe, which we are excited about.
Soon she will go to the donor pen to be flushed and I will be nervous till she comes home.

Miss Lily with her Joyride heifer, Texas.
She was born the day I left for the Ranch House Designs clinic.

Lily is a great momma.
She doesn't like Texas to get far.
She was kind a butt about it at first, but now the doesn't mind us getting near Texas.

They play lots.
I was laughing so hard when I was taking these.
Rotten things!

Did I mention she hates her picture taken.
She either is with another calf, runs or wont look at me!
Shes just gonna have to get over that!

Have A Wonderful Day!!!!!

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