Thursday, May 9, 2013

Loving Life....

Things have been great but busy!
I took a break from blogging to keep up with all things at home.
There is lots i want to share with you.
So I'll just give you a little here and there so you don't get overwhelmed.
That is if your still following along.

Monster is getting so big.
Before we know it he will need to be weaned and started on creep.

Journey, is the comedian of the group.
She loves to get her picture taken and is nosey.

Stink, she is the last calf that arrived.
She isn't too sure about anything yet.

Duff, well he is a busy body.
He and Possum are always into something.

Hank is doing well with the warmer weather.
Like any senior citizen he has good days and bad.

We have yet to get into the fields to get our crops planted.
The crazy weather is not being very cooperative.
The hay is ready to be baled.
The babies will be out of school soon.
Then the fun of summer comes along.
Fairs, swimming, hanging out and much less sleep!

I hope you all are having a great spring.
Be safe, Be Happy....

1 comment:

Alica said...

We just got our corn planted yesterday...a little over a week later than last year!

As for the calves...I'm a sucker for the little ones...I think Stink is adorable! :)