Monday, February 4, 2013


Friendships are a part of us as anything else we do everyday.
  They are almost like a marriage with the give and take.

I am one of those people that when I meet someone for the first time I know immediately if I will like them or not.  The Mister always makes fun of me for this.  I am picky about who my friends are.  And I say this now because that used to not be the case.  But like many marriages these days I was treated poorly and the friendship ended.  I hate when this happens, but once I sit back and think about it it's usually for the best.

My first and everlasting friendship was with my mom.  She was amazing.  Growing up there wasn't anything we couldn't share with her. She always gave us advice and left it up to us to choose our path.  We always spent a lot of time talking and sharing.  And when our babies came she was an amazing Mammaw.  I have a piece missing in my heart for the love, kindness and friendship we shared.  And there are so many times when I want to  talk to her or share something with her.  One of these days I will have so much to tell her!

My husband is one of my best friends.  Corny I know.  But he has seen me go through some very horrible things.  And he has stood by me.  Through the screaming, crying, sickness and changes.  And he's always there to put a smile on my face and tell me what I need to hear. Not what I want to hear. And he takes me at my best and worst.  He likes me the way I am and doesn't expect me to change.   He's the one that makes me want to be a better person.  He has helped me through the trials of the last couple of years.  And best of all he made me a mommy two our beauties!

Another person that I am lucky to have is my MIL.  She isn't your normal MIL.  We had a rough start and we still have our ups and downs.  But if we didn't it wouldn't be normal.  She is a great grandma to our babes.  We talk several times a week, we enjoy each others company when we are together.  And she makes me laugh with her quirkiness.  She has never tried to take the place of my mom for me or our babes and that is a testament of her love to me.

I am lucky over the last couple of years to become friends with some wonderful people.  Both men and women.  And these are the people that I confide in, hang out with, and bounce ideas off of.  The people that I trust in our home and with our babes.
 Jess and Molly have been there since I was a teenager.  We have been through some crazy things together.  And they know me so well.  And they always make me smile and know what to say when I need it.  We don't see each other every day.  But when we do see each other or chat it's just like we do it every day!

 Denise is my strong willed friend.  She's the one that like me she tells you how it is, take it or leave it.  She's the friend that  is never afraid to come out and help me.  She loves our babes like they are her own. She's my hero for being the brave cancer fighter she is.  For showing amazing courage, strength and positive attitude through it all.  If only more people were like that.

 Melissa is my friend and my SIL.  She is my goofy make me laugh my butt off friend.  She has the most outgoing, fun loving free spirit.  Her laugh is contagious and we have so much fun together.  And she is the momma to my little niece and nephew.  She would give you the shirt off her back no questions asked.  She is so loving and willing to do anything to help anyone.

Julie is my inspirational friend.  She is so comfortable in her own skin.  She is an amazing momma to 3 great kids.  She is a business woman with wonderful drive.  And I love seeing her.  And could just talk to her for hours.  She makes me want to move to Missouri and raise kids and cattle so we can be closer!

Dave V. and Ted J. are great cattlemen that I have met.  I respect them as friends and fellow cattle lovers.  I love talking cattle with them.  Bouncing ideas off them.  That even though I'm a women they treat me with respect.  It also helps that they make me laugh, a LOT!

Then there is Christy, Sandra, Dawn, Cathy, Katie, Betsy, Kim, Amber, Jennie and Emily.  Who are all amazing women who I am proud to call my friends.  Who each has helped me in so many different ways. Who have taught me what true friends are.  That I can be me and that's all I need to be.  Thank you ladies for letting be a part of your world.

And I also have some wonderful blogging friends.  I have not met them in person.  But they are always so supportive, kind and caring.  They are the people that leave comments.  That read our blog.  And make us want to keep sharing and showing what a crazy life we have sometimes.  Thank You!

Friendships come and go.  Some are meant to be short term.  Some long lasting.  Each are meant to teach us something.  I have learned that you only get what you give.  That you don't always get to choose how your friendships will grow or end.  That not every one is meant to be.  But that you should take something from each and every experience.  That if you have to work too hard at that maybe, just maybe it's not meant to be.  But most of all I have learned that there are still people that I can trust. 


Bonnie K said...

What a wonderful post. I'm not friends with everyone I meet, but am extremely loyal to those I trust. People make the world go around. It is always good to say thanks to people important to you.

Buttons said...

LOVE this post for more reasons then I can explain her. Friendships are like everything in life you need to take care of them but sometimes faulty construction does take it toll.
I appreciate your friendship my Blogger friend who I may meet some day:) HUGS B

Purposely at Home said...

yay for friendships! they are so the bomb. :)