Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pet Peeves....

Like everyone I have pet peeves.  And it's funny and not so funny.  My people know that I hate it.  So every time it's said they giggle.  So in all fairness I have to use their pet peeves against them.  I guess to me it's like learning how to talk properly, you were taught as a young child.  Otherwise you sound illiterate.  And honestly that's not something I want our children to get into a habit of.  Have a little respect for yourself.  First impressions are sometimes the only one that you will get.

1. Slang term often used to replace "shit." Derived from the process of editing the vocals of rap-songs by reversing the curse words so said song could be played on radio or television.

"That's the dope ish"

This to me is one of the dumbest things a person can say.  It's even worse when people do it multiple times in a sentence.  It's just poor English.  So every time it's said in our house the evil eye is given.  And when we are out and about and I hear someone say it, I just sigh.  If only you knew how ridiculous you sound.  I know it's a catchy thing to say, but I've never been one to do something just because everyone else is doing it.
 This is one thing that drives me crazy.  To hear someone call a young man Buddy.  I'm sorry that is a name for a dog.  My son, nephew and friends are not a dog.  Our son has been called this multiple times my strangers, friends and family.  I cringe every time.  I have even told people "I'm sorry his name is -------, not buddy."
  Wearing your pajamas and or slippers in public.
 I'm all for being comfortable.  But really it only takes a few seconds to put on a pair of britches!  I guess I don't understand why people don't have enough respect for themselves to not take a few minutes to put your best foot forward.  Or maybe that is your best foot!  I have to admit I have bad hair days, days where I have some kind of manure on my clothes.  Days where I just don't want to get gussied up.  In all honesty, it only takes a few minutes to change your appearance from grungy to respectful. 
 It drives out Little Lady crazy.  We always giggle every time that we are watching HGTV and it's said.  When we want a good laugh we say it so we get the reaction that only she can do!  She shivers, covers her ears and rolls her eyes...
  So on and So forth...
 It doesn't drive me crazy.  But it's a running family joke in our house.  So I had to add it so that when The Mister reads this he will laugh.  That one doesn't affect us.  It's a good laugh for us.   

 I just think that like everything, we should speak as though we were taught.  Well, I grew up way different than how people are raising their kids now.  You speak your piece.  Respect your elders.  Don't cuss in the house, that's barn talk. You eat what your given.  Dress respectfully.  Say your prayers.  And respect yourself enough to act like your parents are standing right next to you. Most importantly be yourself, not the image of what everyone else is.  
 I believe that if more people conducted themselves like our elders did that our society would be in a much better place.  We wouldn't see all the horrible things we see every time that we turn on the news.  Dress appropriately.  Respect your vows. Teach your children to say PLEASE and THANK YOU.   Spend more time talking to people versus staring at your phone.  Sit down and have a meal together.  Do more as a family and less running around trying to outdo everyone else.
  The Mister and I have rules that we try and live by.  Rules that we enforce in and out of our house.  We believe that how we treat others and each other is what our children should do. Children will will do as they are taught and what they learn at home.  We always tell the babes that if you wouldn't do it if we were standing there, then you shouldn't be doing it.  That how you act not only reflects you but our family.

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The Coolidges said...

Love this!! Your words about how children are being raised these days are so true. We work with our local high school kids and their livestock projects & sometimes it just appalls me that they have absolutely no respect for people in authority. Makes me want to just strangle them sometimes! Good job on raising your kiddos they way children should still be raised!