Friday, February 8, 2013

It Begins....

Our Little Lady and her first show season and heifer!
DCCO Dream (shocking dream)

daddy to a few of our babies this year

Our official due date to start calving is February 14. 
We have a cow and a heifer that are A.I.ed to calve that day.
So a few days ago after taking the kids to school I was surprised to go to the cow barn and find a surprise.
Dream was standing there doing the momma talk with a beautiful babe running around her.
I had just checked them not an hour before and no sign of anything.

So I got momma and baby moved to the calf barn.
After I got them all nestled down I processed the calf and couldn't wait till Little Lady home.
This is her first show heifer and first baby.

Meet Miss Ila (eye la).
DCCO Dream x  I-80
She is a bouncing, healthy baby girl.
She has lots of hair and spunk, just like her momma and owner.

Dream and Miss Ila.
Our Little Lady is over the moon.
Some little girls love their ponies, ours loves her calves!
She is my daughter after all....

Happy calving to everyone this season.
I hope that they all arrive alive, healthy and spunky!
Have a wonderful weekend.

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Buttons said...

Oh and so it begins I do hope all goes well you are off to a wonderful start. I am kind of happy we are almost finished:) Hug B