Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holler Hoppin!

The babes were on spring break last week.  And I couldn't go far with so much going on here.  So we decided to hang here and do a couple of day adventures.  So the SIL and I took the 4 kids.  And they had so much fun.  We went zip lining one day in Brown County.  Then we went jumping at Sky Jump.

Little Miss found a best friend right away

there was a tepee to camp in

Fritz, our catch man.  He was awesome.

Fritz's wife.  She was our hook up girl. 
And she was lots of fun too.

that's Little Man going across

Little Miss, giggling all the way

Little Mans gear matches his shoes

Our two nephews and their momma.
they don't like getting there pictures taken

these were on the trees where we were zip lining

one of the two ramps you had to walk up to be caught.
that's the SIL

I highly recommend doing this.
I hope you all have a great day!  Take Care..


Alica said...

I don't like heights, but I remember the exhilarating feeling of going down the zip line, once I finally "jumped"! Our kids would LOVE this!

The Durrer Family said...

This looks like Tons of fun!

memory said...

OH BUDDY! I have wanted to go zip lining for forever! Looks SO fun :)

Thanks for your comment on my girl's day post :)


Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

I have done this and did it in heels, because I forgot my sneakers. Luckily, I had remembered jeans, or I'd have done it in a skirt too. It was very freeing.

Fritz said...

Just happened onto your blog. Just wanted to say that Amda and I had a blast with you guys too! Hope you'll come back and Hop with us again at night! I appreciate you spreading the word about Holler Hoppin' zip lines in Nashville, IN!
Fritz Harbridge