Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Pictures

Easter was a wonderful day!
We spent the day with Mr. M's family and a few friends.
We went to a fort for a wonderful brunch.
And the kids loved dressing up.

Grandma and Pappy Dawson with the four grand kids.

They are growing up fast.
And they sure do clean up great.

Mr. JD, D, T and C...

Myself and my babes!

Daddy and Little Man.
Little Man needed sunglasses.

Mr. M and Little Miss.
She loves her daddy!

Mr. M and Myself.
It's always good to get a picture when we get dressed up.


Alica said...

Nice pictures! You're right...we have to take pictures when we're all cleaned up sometimes. :)

Buttons said...

What a beautiful family you.You are truly a blessed woman. B

Jent said...

aww these are great pictures - a beautiful family!

The Coolidges said...

Great pictures!! Your kids are adorable!