Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boat Sport and Travel Show

This is a late post.  Back in March I took our two babes and a nephew to the Boat Sport and Travel Show.
We saw a lot of things as usual.  The kids found a few toys they think they need to run around on.
They climbed the rock wall.  We saw some interesting things to hang on  your wall.
And our boy who wants to be a DNR officer when he grows up decided he wants to have a dog as part of that job after seeing them work with them.  And then talking to one of the officers. 
There was a adult bear and a baby bear and lots of brochures for trips that you can go on.

we wish! so cool to see.

that's our girl, making sure everyone has good nails!

little man liked the stuffed black wolves.

mom don't i look good in this.

mom i want this one!

we think we need to catch fish like this.

Bart the bear. hes 17 yrs old.

this is the largest dog chew you can get!

this babe was only about 2 weeks old.

the dollar bill showing how large this bear trap is.

our little miss climbing.  she made it further than her brother.

the little man climbing the wall.  he made it almost to the top.

weird animals to hang on the wall.

DNR service dog.  the Little Man hopes to have a partner  like this one day.

Have a great Wednesday!

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