Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just One More..

While we were in Sedalia for the show I got to see one of my favorite families.  The Allens.  The are some of the nicest people.  And Julie always has a smile on her face.  She just makes you happy when you are around her.  Anyway her son Clay picked out a puppy while there.  Well momma said no and somehow I'm still not sure how, but that puppy is now living with us! Yes, we have another dog.  And Mr. M really didn't say much this time.  I think he's done arguing with me about the dogs.  We all love each and everyone of them.  And they all have a story of how they ended up a part of our family.  So here she is Sedalia, aka Possum.  She is half heeler/half aussie.  And she is crazy about Duff.  And the best part is that Duff leaves Hank alone and he can have an enjoyable retirement.  Happy Thursday!

Napping during the show.

Duffs not the baby anymore. 

She gets carried a lot.  She is a baby after all! :)


Sarah said...

Super cute!

Rachel said...

Adorable! Love kids and sweet puppy dogs!!

Memory said...

That puppy is CU-UTE!(: Congratulations on your "new family additon" ;)

Leontien said...

oh my gosh what a cute pictures!!

I hope you have a great weekend!


Amanda said...

What an adorable new addition to the family! :)

Farmchick said...

So sweet. :) Hope you can stop over and say hi. :)