Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cattle Equipment

The last two weekends we have had cattle shows on saturday. Sometimes when we explain going to a show to someone they look at us funny. I laugh too when i think about it. They get their hair done and have more hair products than me and mahlia put together!
Going to a show is like moving half the house/barn. I make something for lunch. Then get a conatainer with snacks, paperplates, silverware, papertowels and baby wipes in it. Then theirs the cooler to pack with all of our drinks. Each of us drinks something different. Then I have to make sure we have show clothes, wash clothes, extra clothes and weather appropriate clothes. Then we pack the show box with all of the blowers, sprays, wash materials, clippers, blower and the hundred other things they need. Then we have the chute we clip them in. And everything has to loaded into the truck and trailer. The cattle and us come last.
Needless to say I thought when we got out of the baby stage we would not have to pack half of the house to go somwhere, but that is soooo NOT true. We love the shows and all of our friends that we see and hang with. But when we get home theres always more to do. And the laundry is awful! But I will fondly remember these days when the babes are gone doing this with their families. And I as a grandma only has to bring her camera and a chair! But thats not for forever~

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