Thursday, April 15, 2010


Last weekend was as usual, BUSY! Soo my tush was dragging on monday morning. Mark got up at 4:40, at 4:45 he runs into the bedroom and yells "Get up and get your boots on fast!" Soooo in my pajamas and rubber boots armed with a flashlight I ask what's going on. He tells me the momma cows are out. Soo i grab 2 buckets to trick them. As i'm walking blindly around the house in the dark, all I could think was "they are gonna see me before I see them and they are gonna run over me with these buckets thinking they have corn in them!"
I look out in the pasture and see what looks like the cows laying down. Then I hear the old corn stalks cracking, cause someone was out in them. Then I hear the electric wire "ping, ping, ping." Someone just wen't through the electric fence. We never did figure out who the trouble maker was. We did a head count in the barn. All mommas and babies were present.
I honeslty thought mark was still asleep and dreaming about cows being out, until i heard the cornstalks and the fence. And then later in the morning I found a few of these in my beautifully green grass!

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