Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Dose of Cuteness....

The babies have started coming on a regular basis.
We should be done by the end of April with all of them.
Even though they are not done we are planning what the mommas will be rebred too.
For those of you that follow us on Facebook have seen these.

We actually had some sunshine the day that I took these.
The calves were all out soaking it up.
This is Ila, she was the first born.  And boy was she zonked!

Monster, he is the only bull calf we have so far.
He and Ila are half brother/sister.

Miss Dahlia.  She is our Little Ladies baby.
She reminds us of a baby lamb with all her curly hair.
She has a ton of personality to go with her cuteness.

Miss Decarlo is our two toned baby.
She is black with a brown strip from tail across her belly and up to her chin.
She is the runner, so I haven't been able to get a photo of it yet.

We have another baby, but she's not photogenic.
The best part is they go from these soaking wet bundle.
To this FLUFFY baby that you want to cuddle and pet.
Then they get some confidence and get away from their mommas some.
Then game on.  They run, buck, chase, attack the ground and try to sneak up on the dogs.
It's the most wonderful thing in the world to watch them be born. 
Then grow and thrive and get those personalities.
It never gets old and I wish everyone could experience it.

Have a wonderful day!


Bonnie K said...

Gotta love those little babies. Thanks for sharing such uplifting photos. Happy little buggers.

Buttons said...

Oh I have missed so much your calves are beautiful and I am so happy things are going well. Hug B