Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cuteness everywhere!

Prince the oldest.  He is teaching the kittens how to hunt.

Nap time on one of the 100 degree days.
Keke, Peach and Charcoal.

this is discovery, napping on the feed when it was hot.

discovery hiding from me...

Mrs. E, they love the feed to sleep on.

One of our two Leopard cats.

Mrs. E again.  I couldn't resist.

Smoke, my little baby!

Lola, the smallest of them all.

Keke the trouble maker.

Peach, she's the lap kat who likes her belly rubbed.
We were having a rat/mouse problem.  We went through two 18lb buckets of rat bait in less than a month.  But when you have a 300 plus head hog barn nearby.  Livestock with feed and bedding your going to have some.  So Mr. M and I talked and decided to get a few cats to lower the mouse and bird population.

So we when we went to check on one of our donor cows we asked Mr. Newman if he wanted to get rid of a few.  So we came home with 6.  Sadly our dogs are not friendly to cats and we lost one within a week.  Then we went to get feed our feed lady had 3 cages full.  So we came home with another 6.  And then we got 2 from the vet clinic that needed a home.  And then we lost another to the dogs.  And it wasn't even the outside dogs.  It was one of the house dogs.  The kids have named each and every one.  And they are not so scared of everything in and out of the barn.

It's been a few weeks and everyone is getting along nicely now.  We just have to watch the boxer.  She's too rough with the kittens.  But they come when you rattle the feed scoop to be fed.  They are leaving the barn to investigate the other 3 barns.  And are growing by leaps and bounds.  And the best part is we have noticed a decrease in the mice and birds in the barns.


Alica said...

Barn cats have a wonderful life! They're pretty, healthy looking cats...if they like to hunt, I'd say you've all hit the jackpot!

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

and a major increase in cats:)

Jent said...

Very Cute! I also have to tell you that now that we are passed our fair the kids are already talking about calves for next year and we can't wait to see what you guys have up for auction!

Buttons said...

aaahhhh so darn cute. B