Monday, July 16, 2012

County Fair 2012

Our Little Miss with her heifer DCC Dream.  There was only two Simmental heifers this year, and our kids were showing them.  Little Miss was excited that she now has a trophy like her brother.  It was a blow and go show this year due to the heat.  And I was okay with that because Mr. M couldn't get off work. 

I would like to let everyone one that Little Man refused to get his photo taken.  After a nice talk with his dad that shouldn't be the case for the rest of his show career.  Now we are preparing for state fair.  And then we will be having our family sale.  Then time to bring in two new heifers for the new show season.  Then we NAILE.  There's never a break, but that's okay.

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Buttons said...

Congratulations Little Miss and hope you enjoy the rest of your shows and the sale. B