Friday, December 20, 2013

Scrubs for Calving....

Yesterday I made a comment on FB and it gots some feedback.
So I'll share with the blogger family too.

Before we know it the calves that will be arriving!
Calving can be messy business as with any baby delivery.
Sometimes there is that case where I have to help a momma out.

Pulling calves is a wet, bloody event.
Having the proper work wear can be costly.
There are those times when the clothes your wearing don't survive.
So a few years ago I came up with a solution.
I went to Goodwill and got scrub pants.
They are great! And they don't cost that much.
I wear yoga or dry fit pants with my scrubs most of calving season.
Yes I have water proof wash pants.  And I have used those over the scrubs.
But occasionally the noise from those can freak the cows or a first calver out.

The best part for me is the pockets. 
I can put chains, syringes and gloves in them and they are right there clean.
Not too mention they are comfy and easy to move around in.
I mean sometimes your on your tush bending and moving in ways that bibs don't allow.
Then when I'm done all I have to do is throw them in the washing machine.
Once they are too stained or torn I just throw them away.
Let's face it for $4.00 I will get my monies worth.

So while most people relate scrubs to Dr.s, hospitals and vets I use them here in my OB unit.
I mean I like our babies to be born in a nice clean environment too.
They are not just cattle to us.


Buttons said...

Great idea.I understand the need:) Merry Christmas to you and your family form my family. Hug B

Alica said...

Good idea! I go to Goodwill for barn t-shirts too. Our local store has a bargain room where everything is 85 cents. You sure can't beat that for something that will get stained the first time you wear it!

Alex said...

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