Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How Time Fllies....

Things as usual are busy.  Harvest is finally over.
Mr. M is on a new work schedule.  The kids are doing well in schooll. 
 Little Man has started basketball.
We have new show heifers in the barn.  The cows are getting heavier with the babes they will be having.  The weather is unusually warm here.  I'm ready for the cold and for all the benefits it brings with it.
  The holidays are fast approaching.
  And our Little Miss will be turning 10. 
 And we are getting new family photos this Sunday.  I'm so stinking excited!

i took a few steers in for butcher next week.
so we will soon have fresh beef in the freezer!

we are once again back in the show barn.
getting the heifers halter broke, used to show feed, noise and of course the rinsing and baths.

we've been grinding feed.

and the new show season starts the first of December.

Life is crazy busy.  But we do everything as a family.  And we don't know any other way.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!
Can't wait to see the new family pics. I really need to get organized and get my guys psyched up for this years pics! lol