Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cows in the woods....

DCCO Kitticas, she's one of our replacement heifers.
I cant wait to see here babe.

Our girls love each other...

this is just the best face scratcher!

DCCO LaQue, Little Mans show heifer from last year.

the best thing is those koala bear ears!

DCCO Dream, Little Miss's heifer from last year tasting the quad.

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Buttons said...

Oh I do love your cow photos I am a little partial to cows as you know. You have a beautiful herd. I be the calves will be very cute. We are selling four more tomorrow. We will soon only have 26 bred heifers left a big drop from 100 all together, it was sad but I think as we get older the drought came at the right time we had to make tough decisions. Take care Hugs B